When choosing the right retirement community to call home for you or your loved one, there are a number of questions that need to be answered so you are well equipped to make an informed decision. Brookridge is a Life Plan Community located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, that offers vibrant independent living, engaged assisted living, person-centered memory care, and skilled medical and nursing care. Here’s a list of some of our most frequently asked questions, and we also invite you to please contact us to learn more about Brookridge.

How Do I Prepare to Make the Decision to Come to Brookridge Retirement Community?

Do research to determine whether Brookridge offers the environment that best suits your needs. Consider everything — climate, proximity to family, availability to healthcare, and recreational and cultural activities. Research all of the things that make life good for you.

Why Choose Brookridge?

Brookridge offers freedom, security, and lifelong care.

Freedom: You have the freedom to choose your lifestyle and to have the services that allow you to pursue that lifestyle. Whether you choose travel, activity-filled days with lots of interaction with family and friends in the community, or quiet, restful days at home, the amenities offered at Brookridge will enhance your everyday life to make retirement a dream come true.

Security: Brookridge is a gated community that offers both safety and convenience for residents. Switchboard staff, security guards, and nurses are on duty 24 hours a day to respond to emergency alarms.

Lifelong care: Services available to Brookridge residents include assisted living, short-term rehabilitation, long-term skilled nursing care, and a secure, specialized care for residents with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. 

What is the Cost of Services at Brookridge? 

Fees vary according to the living option chosen. Please contact us for specific information about our fees. 

Are Meals Included With Each Housing Option?

Apartment and garden home residents may select from two meal options, based on their individual preferences.

May Family Members Come for Overnight Visits?

Yes, family members may stay with residents up to 10 days as long as residents have notified the Independent Living Director. If additional accommodations are needed during the visit, a guest house is available on campus. A fee is charged for use of the guest house. 

Are Pets Allowed?

Small dogs and cats are allowed in the garden homes. Residents in the apartment homes may have small birds and fish. All pets are welcome to visit; however, current shot records must be available.

Do You Offer Transportation?

Yes, transportation for local outings and shopping is offered weekly at no cost to residents. Medical transportation is also provided for a fee.

Are Residents of Brookridge Primarily Baptist?

No. Approximately 40% of Brookridge residents are Baptists. You do not have to be a Baptist to live on the Brookridge campus. All denominations and faiths are represented in the resident community.

What Health and Wellness Programs Does Brookridge Offer?

Brookridge provides residents with the facilities and opportunities needed to incorporate exercise and fitness into everyday life. Campus walking trails invite jogging, strolling, or power walking. Regularly scheduled classes, such as stretchersize and water aerobics, encourage socializing and healthful activity. In the state-of-the-art Water Therapy Center on campus, residents work out in the fitness room and participate in individual or group swimming in the indoor pool.

I Like Staying Active Every Day. What Activities Does Brookridge Offer?

Brookridge offers residents several levels of activity. The pool and fitness area are open daily for individual exercise and workouts, and regularly scheduled classes in stretching and movement dot the monthly activities calendar. Walking trails encourage biking, walking, and jogging. For residents who want a less rigorous level of activity, numerous recreational and craft activities, such as billiards and gardening, are always available. Nearby golf courses, tennis courts, and sports arenas invite individual or group participation, and sponsor both amateur and professional events that are of interest to sports enthusiasts.

Is There an Upfront Fee to Enter Brookridge?

There is an entrance fee for the apartment and garden home options. The fee varies according to the type of garden home/apartment selected and the single- or double-occupancy option.

What Is Included In the Monthly Fee?

A host of services and amenities are included in the monthly service fee, including maintenance, dining, housekeeping, and much more. Call Brookridge for specific information about the services covered for each level of care.

How Do I Apply for Residency at Brookridge?

Entering as an Active Adult:

  • Contact the Brookridge community and schedule a visit.
  • Submit an application to Marketing/Admissions Coordinator/Active Adults.

Entering as a Healthcare Resident:

  • Contact the Brookridge community and schedule a visit.
  • Submit an application to Marketing/Admissions Coordinator/Prince Nursing Care Center.