Maintaining a sound body and mind is crucial, no matter what your age may be. However, it’s a good idea for aging adults to assess their health with a primary care physician to explore ways to improve lifestyles, if needed. Being proactive is a good choice to avoid potential complications with joints, muscles, cognitive abilities, balance, and more.

At Brookridge, we want to share things you can do to improve your overall health and continue living an active lifestyle. Following these tips can improve your overall health, form good habits, and complement independent living.

Exercise Daily

Physical activity has many benefits, and it’s just good for your health in general. Even something as simple as walking is already more advantageous than just doing nothing all day. Not everyone has access to a good walking route or a treadmill, so consider activities such as yoga, cardio, or suggested activities from your healthcare provider. It will help to maintain good muscle mass and can keep a healthy weight in check.

Eat Smart

A good diet is important for everyone, but it’s paramount as we age. It’s important to get your nutrients for energy and health. Be conscious of what goes into your body: Read the nutrition facts on labels; drink more water; eat more fruits and vegetables; avoid processed foods, excessive sodium and sugar, and high amounts of fat; etc. You might even want to connect with a nutritionist to help formulate a better eating plan.

Sleep Well

Getting enough sleep is one of the surefire ways to improve your overall health. It is suggested that seniors need eight to nine hours of sleep per day. A rested body improves alertness, mood, energy levels, and overall, you’ll feel more refreshed.

Say No to Vices

Smoking has long been established as harmful with ramifications that can affect just about every part of the body and, unfortunately, is connected to various forms of cancer and other diseases. Even if you’re just now making the decision to quit smoking, you’ll see significant improvement in your quality of life. 

Smile More

Maintaining a positive outlook in life offers tremendous benefits for your cognitive and mental health. Smiling and protecting that good-mood attitude stimulate the brain to produce endorphins — a hormone that can help lower blood pressure, reduce pain, and help regulate your appetite. Not sure how to improve your mood? Consult your physician for some guidance, and maybe try a new hobby or connect with friends for some fun.

Next Steps

As life goes on, it’s good to ponder the question, “How can I improve my overall health?” The tips provided above are just a guide to help you get started, but once you establish a solid foundation with the basics of healthy living, you’ll likely see a world of difference in your quality of life, energy levels, and more.

If you’re considering a retirement move to a Life Plan Community, we invite you to connect with us at Brookridge to learn more about our flourishing lifestyle, beautiful residential options, and stand-out amenities, including a top-notch wellness program.